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Corporate Law

Have you considered starting business in Ukraine? Would you like to make it effective and attractive for investors? Do you require business to be restructured or optimised? We would love to assist you!

Recessionary and post recessionary periods give an exclusive opportunity to make creative decisions that could become significant for your business today and determine its direction for the future development. At the same time, these decisions require balance and clear legal justification.


Our services:

- Legal support for the establishment of enterprises of all forms of ownership and legal form;

- Registration of representative offices, branches and subsidiaries;

- Legal support of the founders and current general shareholders (founders) of the company;

- Development of the corporate governance structure of enterprises;

- Development of a package of internal company documents (Regulation on the protection of information on the company, the Regulation on the Management Board, the Regulations on the Supervisory Board, the collective agreement, etc.);

- Representation of the company in its relations with shareholders, the Securities Commission, and others;

- Changes in the legal support of the company (increase, decrease the authorized capital, changes in the composition of the founders, etc.);

- Preparation of the founding documents of the enterprises, changes and additions thereto;

- Disputes between shareholders related to the purchase or redemption of shares;

- Arguments to invalidate the decisions of general meetings, management bodies, forcing the company to sell, purchase of shares;

- Disputes relating to the compulsory withdrawal of participants (founders) of the owners or shareholders of the company;

- Disputes relating to the payment of the actual value of the share;

- Disputes related to the introduction of a shareholder in the share register and cancellation records in the register of shareholders;

- Disputes relating to the voting, the recognition ballots invalid;

- Disputes about inheritance of (a share) in the community;

- Disputes about wrongful disposition of company assets.