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Legal services in Ukraine

      “K&S partners” has never been a narrow specialised company; at the same time, we don't think it is necessary for us to be Jack of all trades and master of none.
      Below there is a list of the main services that we provide. We pay special attention to the court practice as take into consideration lots of the client’s appeals related to this area. We are also convinced that it is better to reach a compromise than to go to court which is the last resort.


The main services
Civil and Commercial Law Civil and commercial laws are always essential for our clients. These two branches of law are difficult and often contradictory enough, especially at a time when there are two Codes (Civil and Commercial), regulating similar or even identical legal relationship.   Our approach to any case is based on theoretical and practical experience, deep analysis and unusual, creative decisions which help our clients to solve tasks which are put before them by their life and business.  Services: - Consultations on application of civil and commercial law; - Preparation of legal opinions on law enforcement  matters; - Representation and protection of the clients  interests  in civil cases in courts of all instances; - Representation and protection of the clients interests in commercial cases in courts of all instances; - Legal support for the  conclusion, change and  termination of civil-law and commercial contracts.  
Real estate and building Qualified lawyers of «K&S partners» provide a full range of legal services and legal advice on real estate in Dnepropetrovsk and other cities of Ukraine.
Liquidation of companies (business failures)Qualified lawyers and attorneys of «K&S partners» also provide a full range of legal services and advising on the liquidation of enterprises in Dnepropetrovsk: - elimination by the owner in Dnepropetrovsk etc…  
LitigationUnfortunately, most of the disputes in Ukraine are resolved through litigation; therefore the Company partners chose litigation as their leading, main activity direction. Most lawyers of “K&S partners” have significant experience of representation and defence of clients’ interests in courts of all instances.
Collection of debts in DnepropetrovskQualified lawyers and attorneys of «K&S partners» provide a full range of legal services and advice on debt collection.
Tax Law In the Ukrainian realities tax officials often act in contradiction with the current legislation, and even with common sense. In many cases it is facilitated by imperfect legislation, its numerous collisions, and also incompetence of employees of fiscal bodies. Specialists of «K&S partners» can help you to cope with this task, making your business profitable and competitive. Besides, our specialists have a wide experience of representation and protection of the clients interests in courts on application of tax and customs legislation as well as the legislation on registrars of settlement operations.
The Other services
InvestmentsIt should be stated that Ukraine as a state has always been and still remains today not very attractive for investing. Formation of unattractive climate for investors has been influenced by a group of factors which includessocial, political, economic, fiscal etc. That’s why it is necessary to ensure the relevant legal preparation of investment agreements and projects and as well their full legal support from the beginning to the end.
Family and inheritance law The Ukrainian market of legal services in the sphere of family and inheritance law has some peculiarities caused by rather large number of private lawyers and only several law firms offering such services.«K&S partners» Law Company is amongst the top firms which offer high qualitymaintenance.
Land law Although land is a well-known precious treasure of Ukraine, the development of land legal relationship is still at its start in our country. There are lots of reasons for this paradox; however, the main one is lack of legal regulation of the land market, which makes difficulties for its formation and delays investments into this field by both domestic and foreign investors.  Thus, the path of the land owner and/or the lessee can often be obstructed with difficulties.  These difficulties can be overcome with the help of professional legal support. Our team at “K&S partners” will most certainly save not only your precious time, but also your money!
Labour law It is not a secret that the existing labour law in Ukraine doesn't meet the requirements of the time. The Labour Code of the Ukrainian SSR is still in use, as well as other instructions. These have become obsolete now and therefore cannot effectively protect rights and interests both of the employers and the employees.  Providing a complex legal support in labour law, «K&S partners» Law Company always tries to prevent problems in future and provide clients with effective and rational decisions.  
Criminal law It is known that effectiveness of the laws highly depends on the citizens strictly abiding by these laws, including the people working at institutions, which control the execution of the laws, determine and punish guilty people and, therefore, acquit the innocent ones. At the same time, numerous cases of violations of criminal and procedural law, which are carried out by the officials of the law enforcement bodies and courts, lead to bringing to trial innocent people, or prescribing punishment which is inconsistent with the crime committed by them.
Corporate Law Have you considered starting business in Ukraine? Would you like to make it effective and attractive for investors? Do you require business to be restructured or optimised? We would love to assist you!