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Welcome to the «K&S partners» Law firm website!

Law firm «K&S partners» is a team of professionals who aspire to do legal business in Ukraine by means of providing complex legal support and high-quality services.

K&S partners provides legal services to companies and organisations (legal entities), as well as citizens (natural persons). We strive to build strong, long-term relationships with our clients, so we offer personalised frank dialogue, complete privacy and affordable prices.

Individual approach allows us to fully understand our clients' legal needs and develop comprehensive solutions across practice areas to address them. We also realise that our clients’ trust and loyalty to the company are determined by the responsibility which «K&S partners»   takes on to solve every single problem that each of our clients face. Therefore, we make every effort to satisfy or even exceed clients’ expectations.

We are a  local law firm, we know the laws and the practice, we are English-speaking  and we know what the foreign investors need!

We  provide a wide range of legal services in the following areas:

Our services regarding Civil law include:

- verbal and written advising;
- working out tactics of behaviour in particular situations;
- legal analysis of the documents to be signed regarding their legality and matching your interests.

Our services regarding Economic law include:

- verbal and written advising;
- advising on and drafting all types of contracts and agreements;
- examination of the legality and efficiency of contracts, additional agreements and other documents related to contractual activity;
- offering clients tax efficient solutions;
- drafting arbitration clauses and advising clients on remedies available under the law;
- drawing up of internal documents of the company;
- legal support in case of signing contracts.

Our services regarding Taxation include:

- advising on corporate taxation in Ukraine;
- advising on taxation of individuals;
- tax dispute resolution;
- appealing against tax reports of tax and customs bodies as well as actions (inaction) of their authorities to the administrative court of all levels.
We act for our clients in general, commercial and administrative courts at all instances.

Our services regarding Litigation include:

- written or verbal advising in administrative proceedings;
- event modeling, drafting of the alternative legal opinions;
- drafting of procedural documents, including statements of claims and counterclaims, motions, petitions, appeals and cassation appeals;
- representation of our clients before general, commercial, and administrative courts at all instances.
- enforcement of court judgements.
We offer a FREE initial consultation so that you can make sure our firm is the right choice for you!


Don’t delay, contact us and get qualified legal aid.

We’ll do our best to be really helpful!

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Law firm «K&S partners

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